imgp0011Yvo Manuel Vas Dias is a transman, buddhist with a Jewish background, chairman, case manager, public relations manager. For 5 years he was as a social worker. When he fineshed his work as a social worker he became a public relations manager for lgbt, transgender, buddhist, art and museum organisations. He was a member of the board “case manager and public relations manager” for a lgbt, transgender, buddhist and culture organizations.

Since 2005 he is the founder, chairman and public relations manager of the workgroup transgender, religion, philosophy of life and ethics. The goal of the workgroup is to build a bridge between religious transgenders, transsexuals of all faith and the different religions.

He set up some transgender networks Transgender Religion Global Network – Transgender Friendly Religious Alliance, International Transgender Buddhist Sangha, International Network for Transgenders with a Jewish Background, International Network for Transgender and Art, The World of the Transman and International Transgender Information Network. Since 2009 he is the founder of The Heritage and Art Protector and Network for Heritage and Art. International and Dutch networks for cultural heritage, history, museum and art. He is the founder of LGBTQ Amsterdam. The goal of LGBTQ Amsterdam is to build a bridge between between the lgbq and transgender community.


Since 2014 he is the founder and chairman of TransAmsterdam, Amsterdam TransPride and InClusion.

TransAmsterdam is a transgender organization for art, culture and lifestyle. Our goal is to improve the way transgenders are viewed and to empower as well as give more visibility to this group. We offer transgenders, cis-genders and artists a cultural and art stage for their creative outlet. We organize a variety of activities and theme gatherings for and on behalf of transgender individuals. We also provide information and advice related to transgender subjects. Our goal is to build a bridge between de transgender community, various target groups, arts, culture and society.

As TransAmsterdam we have the pleasure of working with; artists, fashion designers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, poets, composers, musicians, writers, actors, directors, museums, students and arts & culture organizations. TransAmsterdam also organizes the annual Amsterdam TransPride and every last Friday of the month we organize InClusion a LGBQ – Transgender café.

Specialismen: Build a bridge between people, give advice and lecture, organize festivals and workshops, public relations and communications, cultural heritage, art, buddhism, religion, transgender and LGBT issues.

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